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Zalul’s Campaigns

Zalul is responsible for some of the leading campaigns for water protection in Israel in recent years.

Zalul continues to wage strategic campaigns that target unchallenged municipalities, corporations, and the national government on the basis of their negligence and destruction of Israel’s most essential natural resource – water.

coralreefs75×75 Saving the Gulf of Eilat

kishon75×75 Reviving the Kishon River

naaman75×75 Rescuing the Na’aman River

shafdan75×75 Stopping the Sludge of the Shafdan

med75×75 Defending the Mediterranean from Land-Based Pollution

lachish75×75 Protecting the Lachish River

ALA75×75 Protesting the ALA Pipeline in Acco 

The Jordan River

Keeping the Jordan River Holy for Generations to Come

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