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Join the Telma River Facebook Page

August 11, 2010

We  hope you have been following the coverage on the “Telma River” after its grand opening on August 9th.  We hope you will join our Facebook page to learn more about event and the future of the “Telma River.”  Please invite your friends and spread the word.

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Grand opening of the Telma River

August 10, 2010

We at Zalul want to thank everyone who participated in yesterday’s opening event of the Telma River.  The successful event held in Haifa publicized the pollution caused by the dumping of sewage from the nearby Telma factory.  Here is a sampling of some of the coverage surrounding yesterday’s event.  Below are links to the articles in Hebrew and English.










The Pulse

Thank you again for coming out and supporting Zalul! Check out our Flickr to see pictures from yesterday’s event.

Grand Opening of the Telma “River”!

August 8, 2010

We at Zalul want everyone to attend our big event tomorrow, August 9th. Remember to wear sunscreen and come support Zalul in protecting against the creation of the Telma “River”.  See below for more information. Read more…

Zalul Responds to Nahariya Sewage Spills

August 3, 2010

Read about the role Zalul plays in water protection in Haaretz online today!  Our own Ezer Fischler, Zalul’s director, is quoted in Haaertz’s online article, “Swimming with Sludge.” He recalls Zalul’s response to an incident in April to a sewage leak into the Mediterranean sea via the Nahariya beach.

Says Fischler, “I saw brown water running into the sea, and there was stuff in it which is best not to describe. A [patrol] car from the Environmental Protection Ministry’s Green Police turned up, and Health Ministry officials recommended the beach be closed off to swimmers. Two days later, after the mess had been cleaned, it was reopened to the public.”

Every year we are faced with new challenges as we work to protect Israel’s seas and rivers.  This year is no different. There have been other incidents like what Fischler witnessed in Nahariya.  In fact, they have been prevalent during this year’s swimming season. As the article notes, between April and July 22 there were 31 days in which Israeli beaches were closed to swimmers.

Despite the increase in sewage incidents since last year, the Ministry of Health contends that beaches are much cleaner and safer than they were in the past.  Zeev Fish, the inspector for the Ministry of Health, recalls, “This year there is a significant statistical rise. Still, the malfunctions today are very different from those seen in the past.”

If you happen to see a sewage leak be sure to notify us as well as public health officials.

If you witness a pollution event in Israel call Zalul Environmental Association at: +972-3-5762666

Emergency Environmental Center of the Ministry of the Environment (24/7) at: *6911 or 1222-6911

or 08-9253321

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page!

August 3, 2010

Did you ever ask yourself which rivers were best to swim in? Do you ever ponder the state of cleanliness of your favorite River, ocean or just plain old water system?  IF NOT, YOU SHOULD. Just Kidding, no, but SERIOUSLY.  Did you know that if you come into contact with severely polluted water that you could experience a whole range of health problems?  Want to learn more?  Check out Zalul’s frequently asked questions page on our blog.

Click for the FAQ’s page

DaDi TV and Israel Technolo-G

July 30, 2010


Taiwanese TV station DaDi TV will feature special on Israeli water technology. The show case of Israeli innovation in the fields of desalination, water conservation, water management, etc. will include eight twenty-four minute episodes, each of which will focus on a different subject. The TV crews are currently in Israel, and will visit locations such as the Ashkelon Desalination plants and will interview both entrepreneurs in water-related fields as well as government officials such as ministers from the ministry of Agriculture.

To find out more click here!

Water-conscious Israelis are in luck

July 27, 2010

Picture taken from

In recent months, the Water Authority of Israel has taken steps to warn its citizens of the importance of conserving water, as it’s a precious, yet dwindling resource. Thanks to this warning and the desire for Israelis to keep water costs down, devices like the EcoCamel have entered the Israeli market, giving us at Zalul much to smile about.

The EcoCamel, and similar devices, are special faucets designed to conserve water while maintaining the previous water pressure. These not only help save water, but they are keeping costs down for their users. At Zalul, we are always happy to hear about large scale efforts to conserve water, and this is one great example. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem, as well as several large hotel chains have signed deals with EcoCamel, which will certainly contribute to large scale water conservation in this country. All of these efforts to conserve water, especially in the shower where the Water Authority claims that 35% of a family’s water is used, will certainly ease the pinch in water availability Israel typically feels. While desalination plants are being built around Israel, it is crucial to begin conservation efforts as early as possible to avoid any emergency drought situations.

Please read more about this exciting new development in the Jerusalem Post and always remember to conserve water!