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Donate to Zalul

Our vision of clean, clear water is only as strong as the people who support it. With your donation to Zalul you are helping protect Israel’s most precious natural resource – water.

U.S. tax deductible contributions of at least $25 may be sent (and must be made payable) to:

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607
New York, NY 10017

Please include a recommendation that it be used for Zalul Environmental Association.

In Canada and the United Kingdom:

Tax-exempt donations of $100 or more can be made to Zalul from Canada and the UK via the New Israel Fund (NIF). To donate via the NIF, please mark contributions as donor-advised to Zalul Environmental Association and send to:

Your support will make all the difference

Your support will make all the difference


New Israel Fund of Canada
801 Eglinton Ave. W. #041
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5N 1E3
T: 416-781-4322

United Kingdom:

New Israel Fund G.B.
26 Enford Street
London W1H 2DD
Great Britain
T: 207-724-2266
F: 207-724-2299

Thank you for your support of Israel’s seas and rivers!

For questions or comments, please email Hannah Schafer at

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