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Water-conscious Israelis are in luck

July 27, 2010

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In recent months, the Water Authority of Israel has taken steps to warn its citizens of the importance of conserving water, as it’s a precious, yet dwindling resource. Thanks to this warning and the desire for Israelis to keep water costs down, devices like the EcoCamel have entered the Israeli market, giving us at Zalul much to smile about.

The EcoCamel, and similar devices, are special faucets designed to conserve water while maintaining the previous water pressure. These not only help save water, but they are keeping costs down for their users. At Zalul, we are always happy to hear about large scale efforts to conserve water, and this is one great example. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem, as well as several large hotel chains have signed deals with EcoCamel, which will certainly contribute to large scale water conservation in this country. All of these efforts to conserve water, especially in the shower where the Water Authority claims that 35% of a family’s water is used, will certainly ease the pinch in water availability Israel typically feels. While desalination plants are being built around Israel, it is crucial to begin conservation efforts as early as possible to avoid any emergency drought situations.

Please read more about this exciting new development in the Jerusalem Post and always remember to conserve water!

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