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Earth. Water. Tree.

July 22, 2010

The Israel Institute of Technology, Technion, in Haifa proudly displays the work of Itzhak Dazinger who is famous for his portrayal of the environment as a sculptor and landscape designer. Itzhak’s connection with the Institute as a previous professor of architecture makes this a perfect location to exhibit his ideas of earth, water and tree. “His experimentation with subjects like conservation and restoration, and his field and theoretical studies of the issues of earth, water and tree, and a source of inspiration for contemporary artists, architects and scientist grappling with the issues that Danziger long ago identified as urgent and acute, and that should never again be allowed to disappear from the public awareness.” He captures the deteriorating state of Nesher Quarry through his photographs, drawings and prints. He works to bring these unfortunate locations back to life. The Quarry is ignored by much of the public as its condition worsens. We at Zalul encourage everyone to go visit the exhibit. Be inspired by the artwork and go out and keep our water systems clean!

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