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The Green Fight

July 14, 2010
First Place Photo in IDF Ministry of Environment contest. Major Dror, Air Force base, Palmachim. On Ynet News.

The IDF has historically protected Israel from outside threats and strove to keep its citizens safe. In recent years, the IDF has noticed a more local threat and has rewarded those who work against it. This threat: environmental deterioration.

The Ministry of Environment has rewarded IDF soldiers and units dedicated to protecting their environment or raising awareness about environmental issues through programming and photography. Whether it involved consuming less energy or protecting this country’s most precious resources, our soldiers are being recognized for more than just their army service. Environment Minister Gilad Erdan has realized the importance of protecting the environment, as its deterioration is harmful to health and basic quality of life.

With each year of this competition rewarding IDF soldiers who keep a close watch on the environment around them, the Ministry of Environment chooses a theme by which to judge the participants. This year’s theme, much to the delight of Zalul, was “Preserving Sources of Water.” The first place award was given to the Navy Command for two projects, one in which they developed an educational program aimed at protecting the marine environment.

We at Zalul are happy to see our IDF soldiers working toward the great goal of environmental improvement. It’s always exciting to see the ways in which the citizens of this wonderful country work to save its environment. Keep it up, IDF!

Check out the full article on Ynet News, Green Army: Soldiers photograph the environment.

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