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Water bills up in Israel

July 11, 2010

Water bill rise does not match up with the availability of water in Israel.

A recent 40% spike in water bills in Israel has environmentalists and policymakers concerned. As desalination plants spring up around Israel, many Israelis are under the assumption that the pressing water matter that this country normally faces is not so grave. With more available freshwater, Israelis are using more water than has been appropriate in the past. Some attribute this wastefulness to a government PR campaign suggesting that desalination may end Israel’s scarce water problem within three years. This has lead many citizens to become more lax in their water resourcefulness.

Desalination does provide this country with more freshwater, safe for drinking and bathing, however it is no excuse to over consume this precious resource. In addition, municipalities are under attack for corroding pipelines and poor municipal equipment. As a result, leaks are common, leading to more water waste.

Read more about this pressing issue in this article in the Jerusalem Post.

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