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Desalination: fresh water at a cost?

July 6, 2010

A recent opening of a brand new desalination plant in Hadera has environmentalists and politicians talking. As discussed in a recent conference hosted by Zalul, desalination comes at a big cost to the environment. While this process does provide tons of fresh drinking water to the citizens of Israel, it is still quite the energy-intensive and pollution-emitting process. According to an article in Green Prophet, the long term negative affects may outweigh the short-term positive results. Due to the shortage of rain and rising Israeli population, we cannot ignore the need for more fresh, safe drinking water.

Inside the Hadera desalination facility in Israel. From

It is this ongoing debate between industry and environment that has fueled many talks here at Zalul and across the environmental field. While we are always happy to see new solutions to the water shortage in Israel, we are even more thrilled to know that these steps are not taken without any regard to the environment.

Please read more about this new desalination plant and the debate surrounding it at Green Prophet.

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