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Water waste or water fun?

June 30, 2010

For four years, Tel Aviv has been host to what Reuters, ABC News and the BBC have called the World’s Biggest Water Fight. This Friday, Tel Avivians and visitors alike will gather for the fifth annual water fight in Kikar Rabin, armed with water guns, water balloons, and a thirst for a good time.

Israelis participate in the annual water fight at Rabin square July 3, 2009 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo taken from, July 3, 2009.

Now we at Zalul are always down for a good time, especially when it comes to water. There’s nothing quite like a nice relaxing kayak ride down the Yarkon or a dip in the Mediterranean in the heat of the Tel Aviv sun. A water fight, however, presents a few problems, namely, its wastefulness. This naturally concerns us at Zalul, as we are well aware of the issues with water in Israel and hate to see any bit of it go to waste. So we urge you, our faithful readers, if you so decide to attend this event, do so mindfully. Fill your water weapons in the sea and not with tap water used for drinking, and always remember to clean up after yourselves. For we at Zalul always love some fun in the water, as long as we can also keep our environment clean! Enjoy and keep wet!

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