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Oil, oil everywhere

June 27, 2010

As the infamous BP oil spill continues to wreak havoc on the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, we in the Middle East have shifted our attention a bit. Just off the coast of Hurghada, Egypt, oil is spewing out into the Red Sea, as government officials and environmentalists argue about the cause of this leak. Environmentalists blame a rig in the Red Sea, while Egyptian officials attribute this disaster to older spills that are resurfacing. All of this debate over the cause of the oil spill has delayed the clean-up and treatment of these waters, exacerbating the problem.

Hurghada, Egypt just northeast of Luxor on the Red Sea coastline

While this spill is not near Israel’s coast of the Red Sea in Eilat, we are always concerned with the waters that connect us all. It reminds us that although the distance is great, we all must care for our waters in the open seas and along our coastlines. We hope for a speedy recovery from both this Red Sea catastrophe and the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

For more information on the Red Sea oil leak, follow these links to our friends at Greenprophet:

Red Sea Oil Spill Cover-Up Worse than Reported

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