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Butt-free beaches

June 10, 2010

Zalul is happy to announce a victory for a local non-profit organization in Israel that has worked to clean up our beaches in an important way. As the summer season brings Israelis from all over to the beaches, the sand is constantly littered with cigarette butts, taking away from the natural beauty of the sea and, of course, harming the environment.

The non-profit, “A Country without Cigarette Litter” has teamed up with the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo to give the smokers on the beach an opportunity to keep the coasts clean. At three beaches in Tel Aviv, they have placed blue cone-shaped ashtrays, giving the beach-goers an easy way to keep their butts off the beach. To start with, they have chosen Metzitzim Beach, Hilton Beach, and Tzuk Beach, and after observing their success, hope to install these all along the coast. We applaud “A Country without Cigarette Litter” for their success in bringing these ashtrays to the beaches. We hope to see a change in beach litter this summer season! Learn more about this impressive initiative in the full article.

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