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Water issues cross political boundaries

May 23, 2010

A recent Haaretz article delineates two of the main causes of Israel’s polluted rivers: weak sewage systems and Palestinian cities’ waste. These factors, along with a low yearly rainfall, significantly impact the quality of Israel’s water.

These problems, however, are not unsolvable. Efforts from politicians, the Environmental Protection Ministry and Nature Parks and Authority and organizations like Zalul, along with public support are having strong and widespread effects. Many rivers, such as the Yarkon, are improving and other ideas to refine water treatment are in legislation. Pollution continues to be a problem as sewage is deposited untreated into Israel’s waterways.

The Haaretz article states that with continued effort, the dismal state of our waters in Israel could turn around and the rivers and shorelines could once again become a source of beauty and leisure.

Zalul’s hosted a conference recently on water quality and was highlighted for its optimism. Zalul created an opportunity for different environmental players to discuss current water issues in Israel.

Please check out the full article in Haaretz.

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