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Clearing the waters

May 17, 2010

Zalul’s very own Rivi Federman was quoted in a recent Associated Press article regarding desalination in Israel. In the wake of an important and  comprehensive conference on desalination, this article discusses both the benefits and risks of filling the Israeli coastline with these desalination plants. Just next to the city of Hadera, a new desalination facility could mean lots of fresh water for the people of Israel. This clean water does come at a cost, however. According to Rivi, the solution for more pure water is not simply dotting the coastline with desalination plants, but rather pairing this expensive technology with conservation, as well.

These plants are more economical, and potentially less environmentally harmful, than transporting fresh water from the Sea of Galilee, which is at a record low water level. This technology is not harmless to the environment, however. The remnants of the desalination process are high saline concentrate, which is often returned directly to the sea and negatively affects the natural ecosystem. We must ensure that the best available technologies are used throughout the entire desalination process in order for this process to be most beneficial. Please read more about this extensive topic in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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