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Good news for Israel’s environment

May 12, 2010

A recent poll was conducted which shows that 98% of Israelis are concerned about their environment. In an article in Ynet News, the poll was given to a random sample of 500 Israeli men and women to find out just how they viewed their environment. In honor of the recent Earth Hour, the Environmental Protection Ministry was interested to see how much the people of Israel care for their environment. These results indicate something positive. The survey also found that those who are most aware of the importance of environmental care are typically in the younger generation, and these are often the one who influence the rest of the family’s behavior.

About 42% of the respondents reported that they recycle plastic bottles, demonstrating the work some Israelis are willing to put forth in order to have the clean environment they deserve. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep these harmful plastic bottles out of the streets and seas. The care of our environment must manifest itself in bigger ways and across a larger percentage of the population.

During Earth Hour, Zalul had a booth set up where people at the event could learn more information about Zalul, the environment and how to become more involved. Many people from the crowd approached the table asking questions about how to join in Zalul’s efforts. Our sign up list quickly filled as people voiced their desire to make an impact in some way. Many people shared stories about their personal efforts through participation in beach clean ups and in encouraging others to preserve a clean environment. It was very motivating to see the community come together in support of the Earth.

Please read the full article on Ynet and don’t forget to recycle and keep your environment clean!

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