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Zalul hosts important conference

May 9, 2010

Fish ponds are huge polluters of Israel’s waterways. These fish are raised in high saline water, which constantly needs to be cleaned and changed. This resulting water is full of the fish’s discharge, high salinity, and other pollution and is eventually dumped into the rivers. As a result, certain rivers in Israel are full of little more than the pollution resulting from these fish cages.

Zalul saw an opportunity to reform this practice and bring to light the harmfulness of fish ponds. With 45 such ponds around Israel and about 90 million cubic meters of water, it is a big project to change, but the results could mean the safety and cleanliness of our rivers. On Thursday, May 6, 2010, Zalul hosted a conference with individuals from all sides of this debate: from fish farmers, to environmentalists and government officials. In addition to Zalul, the conference was sponsored by the Agriculture and Environmental Protection Ministries, Fish Growers Association, and the Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology. It brought about a healthy debate from all sides, fulfilling Zalul’s goal of developing a better and more complete understanding of this complicated practice from all parties.

Please read more about this conference in the Jerusalem Post.

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