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Israelis Ready for the Summer Season but are the Beaches?

April 26, 2010

We have all been looking forward to the beach season, finding the right swimsuit, preparing for a nice tan, and reminiscing of our favorite memories in the sand. Now that beach season has arrived an article from the Jerusalem Post questions what we all love and have been waiting to enjoy, the water. As beach season begins, beach goers anticipate a season full of swimming, water sports and seaside activities.

One thing not typically on our minds is the cleanliness of the water. A lack of funding jeopardizes the enforcement of legislation to reduce pollution on Israel beaches. This may lead to the potential need to close beaches along the coast for short periods of time. Three factors impact the safety of the shoreline including limited channels for communication between departments managing various aspects of preservation and protection, not enough manpower, and a lack of funding. The inconsistencies in conservation standards between the organizations that plan, oversee, and manage water quality may lead to beach closings during the season. The budget plays a huge role in Israel’s ability to maintain and improve the water quality along Israel’s Mediterranean beaches. Our time spent relaxing on the sand and in the water is irreplaceable.

Learn more about how clean are beaches are read the article from the Jerusalem Post.

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