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Earth Day 2010: Lights out for a good cause

April 26, 2010

A live concert fueled by the manpower of 30 bikers. A city-wide event powered by falafel oil. And the eventual darkness.


This could only mean one thing: Earth Day 2010 in Tel Aviv! On the evening of April 22, environmentally concerned individuals in Tel Aviv and surrounding areas flocked to Rabin Square to honor and celebrate our wonderful Planet Earth. As the sun began to set, adults, children, teenagers, and the occasional young man clad in a chicken suit, gathered together in the heart of Tel Aviv to witness something spectacular: full and unfailing support for Earth.

The mood was light, yet the purpose was heavy. We must start caring for Mother Nature the same way she has cared for us. We cannot continue to abuse our resources and expect the same beautiful environment we’ve been so fortunate to have in the past. Zalul, amongst other Israeli environmental organizations, offered information to visitors about the organization and the importance of supporting the environment. Eager individuals signed petitions, donated money, and offered their time to the various organizations, demonstrating their understanding of this urgent cause.

Music blared in the background and the bikers pedaled on, and at precisely 19:59:50 the countdown began. “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1.” And then darkness. All non-essential lights shut down in Rabin Square and the surrounding area, marking the beginning of Tel Aviv’s Earth Hour. For one hour, the lights remained off, while visitors enjoyed the live performance of Shlomi Shaban and Fortis.

Overall, Earth Day 2010 was a great success. Zalul was happy to be part of such a special day and we urge all of you to join the cause. So if you couldn’t make it to Kikar Rabin, we challenge you to take an hour (maybe two) and turn off your lights. Enjoy the darkness and you may even find you’ll have more time to get outdoors!

For more information on other Earth Day festivities, click here.

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