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Desalination is no dry topic!

April 26, 2010

On Sunday, April 25, 2010, Zalul hosted Desalination: How Much Does it Cost the Sea? at Haifa’s prestigious Technion Water Reseach Institute, bringing about Israel’s top desalination professors and researchers to deliberate on this important topic. In the hopes of zeroing in on the economic and marine environment’s impact, those in attendance spent a full day contemplating this complicated process. A special guest in attendance was leading environmental scientists on desalination: Dr. Sabine Lattemann of Germany.

It was a full day of talks regarding water desalination, with the hopes that researchers and government officials will not neglect to see both the advantages and disadvantages of this process. Of course, there is no simple answer and the speakers at the conference represented both sides of this debate. Often the environmental benefits do not align with the economic gains, making for a lively discussion from both ends. Bringing out both sides of the debate was important to Zalul, as there is much value in understanding and being able to communicate in an open forum with the opposition.

Dr. Sabine Lattemann presented a lecture which demonstrated the various impacts of desalination on the environment, both above and below sea level. Drawing upon the data from desalination plants already in existence around the world, Dr. Lattemann enlightened the audience with the reality of these facilities’ energy consumption and water capacity. The energy consumption is often astronomical (equal to about 330,000 laundry dryer loads), however Dr. Lattemann sees the economic viability of such a project.

While no concrete answer was reached at the conference, this conference gave the researchers an open means to discuss this complex topic and Zalul is proud to have been an organizer of this important event.

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