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The source of the problem

April 21, 2010

As we all know, each summer the various beaches of Israel undoubtedly experience some, if not many, closings due to pollution. Where does this all begin? Who is to blame?

In an article last week in the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Asaf Ariel, who recently completed his thesis at the University of Haifa, sees the multifaceted nature of the problem. Often, polluted beaches result from lack of legislation from the governing body, as he has found in some other Mediterranean countries. In Israel, however, the problem is more “bottom up.” The legislation is there. And it’s good, at that. The trouble is in the action. With little funding, coordination, and manpower, these brilliant bits of legislation aimed at keeping our beaches clean are rarely seen through to the end. Dr. Ariel views the lack of action on the individual level as a main source of this problem, as well. With personal trash littered across the beaches, the individuals do not show any willingness to do their part. In addition, there is no force put upon the government from the people to enact the aforementioned legislation. With all this confusion, we cannot expect the clean and sparkling beaches we hope for.

Read more about this tricky problem in the original article from the Jerusalem Post.

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