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Vacation in a ‘garbage can’

April 11, 2010

This past week thousands of Israelis fled the cities to spend their Pesach break a little closer to nature. The shores along the Kinneret overflowed with people looking to relax and enjoy their weeklong vacation. Most expected pristine beaches and campsites as the Kinneret Association of Towns had promised in the weeks prior. Upon arriving, however, many visitors were appalled. Instead of the clean beaches they anticipated, campers saw what one individual described as a “garbage can.”

Three beaches along the eastern side of the lake offered free entrance, giving visitors even more reason to spend their vacation along the shores of the Kinneret. As the Kinneret Association of Towns so proudly declared, the beaches of Kursi, Halukim, and Lavnun were expected to be maintained during the holiday rush, allowing campers to enjoy what they had come there to enjoy: nature. Instead, visitors complained of heavy amounts of trash, broken toilets, and destroyed beach shelters. During the nighttime trash was thrown about by cats and other animals, creating an even bigger mess.

The Kinneret Association of Towns, however, made a strong effort to keep it clean. The high volume of visitors who left their trash and food lying about made it difficult to maintain a spotless shoreline. Upon arrival, visitors were handed trash bags and told to keep their areas clean, however, some disregarded this request. The Kinneret Association of Towns indicated that they had employees working “around the clock to clean the beaches that were open to the public.” By this measure, they had hoped to gain some cooperation from the public.

To get the full story about the shores of the Kinneret during Pesach in Haaretz, please follow this link.

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