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“Beach Clean Up Tour” prepares the beaches for Summer

March 24, 2010

Last week the Israeli coastline received a much-needed rebuffing from Acco all the way down to Ashdod. Marking the second annual “Beach Clean Up Tour,” students, soldiers, surfers, and your fellow concerned citizens joined Zalul and Billabong Surf Company in their efforts to ready the beaches for the upcoming summer season. It was a successful week, bringing hundreds of individuals to the shores of Israel to collect the trash and allow the sea creatures some room to breathe. From March 14 to March 18, Zalul and Billabong Surf Company traveled south through the beaches of Acco, Haifa, Netanya, Herzliya, and Ashdod, giving volunteers the opportunity to bring the shores of the Mediterranean back to life. Billabong provided two big  tents and hats for all the volunteers, allowing for some shade from the sun.

Each day, groups of about 40 volunteers gathered at the shores, ready to fill dozens of trash bags with the unfortunate remnants of the beaches’ previous visitors. These volunteers varied in demographic: enthusiastic elementary school students, Israeli soldiers looking to fight pollution, concerned surfers with a desire to protect their playground, and, occassionally, local sunbathers who jumped on the Tour. Each day brought new challenges, new trash, and new lively group of volunteers. For two hours they tirelessly collected garbage from the shorelines, giving that famous spark back to the shores of the Mediterranean. Pictures were taken at the beginning of the day, allowing the volunteers to register their immediate impact to the shorelines after the clean up. 

While the aesthetic beauty of the beaches is important, the underlying impact of the “Beach Clean Up Tour” is what we are continually hoping to remedy. Polluted waters are dangerous to swimmers’ health, making the need for clean shorelines paramount. The volunteers were told of the significance of their actions for future beach-goers, as maintaining clean water is what keeps the Mediterranean shore a healthy and safe place to swim. Through their time in the sun, picking up trash from Ashdod up to Acco, we at Zalul are certain that these volunteers now understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy beach.


So get out there! Enjoy the beaches this summer and remember to keep it clean!

To view more photos from the “Beach Clean Up Tour” please visit our Flickr page at

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