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Water desalination plant activated in Hadera

January 12, 2010

The water desalination plant in Hadera is just about up and running now that the Health Ministry gave their approval to transfer desalinated seawater to Israel’s National Water Company Mekorot’s system. The water being desalinated meets Israeli’s drinking water standards. However, at the current stage only small amounts of water are being transferred as the plant is not fully operational until it receives its “desalination permit.” It is expected to receive the permit at the end of January.

The plant will reach a maximum output of 127 million cubic meters/year in the future. Water reserves are expected to be more secure in 2010 and the first benefactor is she know needs it the most – Lake Kinneret! Aside from there now being more water in the system, this event “constitutes the first stage in building the new national water carrier – the largest water project in Israel” said Mekorot CEO Ido Rosolio.  Hopefully this new system will bring cost-effective energy management as well.

For more information on the desalination plant in Hadera, check out this article from Ynet.

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