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Progress in the Dan Region

December 21, 2009

The Ayalon River, between the Ayalon Highway and a railway line.

What could possibly cost NIS 660 million and put an end to sewage leaks flooding the Ayalon Highway and a nearby railway line? A massive new sewage pipeline, that’s what!

Cracks were found in the 50 year old sewage pipeline, which could lead to either flooding of the highway and railway line, or necessitate rerouting traffic for a very long time while attempting to fix the existing pipeline.

The new sewage pipe is scheduled to take three years to complete. It will begin near Yarkon Park in north Tel Aviv and run underneath the highway to the Hiriya landfill, which is southeast of the city.

After so many cracked pipes and sewage leaks (like the one last year in Or Yehuda), its good to see that the Dan Region is taking steps in the right direction.  They are finally making efforts to fix the sewage system and avoid having it constantly flow into the Ayalon River, the Mediterranean Sea, and even into southern Tel Aviv neighborhoods during rainstorms.

For more information on the soon-to-be massive sewage pipeline, check out this article from Haaretz.

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