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Diving in the Mediterranean Sea & diving in the Red Sea

December 15, 2009

Israel is divided into two major diving areas:

1)      Mediterranean Sea

2)      Red Sea

Mediterranean Sea – Throughout summer there is clear, warm, and usually calm seas. The current is usually nonexistent or moderate. There is good scenic diving on spectacular rock formations, but there is not an abundance of marine life as there would be on a tropical coral reef.

Its geology is made of graduated sloped sand plants. The water temperature ranges from 10˚ C – 30˚C. Visibility is from 3m to 30m; most of the time it is 10m. If you are interested in site seeing, average site depth is 20m. The best time to dive in the Mediterranean is winter since, like Alaska, the visibility is at its best during winter.

Red Sea – Most of the diving in the Red Sea is done with a shore-based, day boat dive operation or a live-aboard dive boat. The currents in these areas vary from no current to very strong, so it is strongly advised to dive/snorkel with guides or experienced divers who have done it in the area before and are familiar with the conditions.

Its geology is a shallow lagoon bordered by a coral reef from 1m to 10m. At 20m its shallow with a 30m to 200m drop. The water temperature is 22˚C to 24˚C constant all year long. Visibility is from 10m to 100m, with an average of 40m. Its depth is about up to 200m in Eilat, however in the south part of the Red Sea it can reach 1,000m. The best time to dive is winter since it is not too hot outside and remember, water temperature stays constant all year round.

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