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Israel lends a helping hand to Brazil

November 29, 2009

Sewage Treatment Plant in Ashdod

The South American country Brazil has been so environmentally forward about water conservation that they even broadcast television advertisements asking people to urinate in their showers, as it conserves the water that is used when flushing a toilet.

Thus it is no surprise that when Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the host of the 2016 Olympics, the government was concerned about the amount of water that will be wasted by the huge crowds that will amass in Brazil.

While seeking help through conserving/recycling water with technological innovations, Brazil’s search led them to Israel. A delegation of Brazilian officials will arrive in Israel and attend Watec’s annual international showcase of products and services supporting sustainability. Delegates from both countries will discuss the problems and upcoming challenges Brazil faces with water consumption, as well as possible solutions.

For more information from this article from Ynet News, check out,7340,L-3801782,00.html


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