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Nobody gets the blame for the Yarkon River pollution incident

November 22, 2009

Fish washed ashore the Yarkon River due to pollution.

When a fire broke out in a furniture factory in Hod Hasharon about a year ago and spread to the nearby Sano factory, which stores large amount of cleaning materials, it caused an enormous amount of pollution. The water that was used to put out the fire became mixed in with all the cleaning materials and when it flowed into the Yarkon River, it killed off the fish population as well as damaged the ecosystem.

In addition to the fire, when the Sano factory dumped all of their waste into the treatment plant at once  it overloaded the system and the treatment plant broke down. There was no backup system for the treatment plant and as a result, all the chemicals and sewage spilled into the river. This also added to the environmental catastrophe.

Zalul was on the scene immediately after the ecological disaster and these are the pictures that we took. The biggest lesson that needs to be learned by those involved is that a better system should be in place for situations like these. There should be back up plan to resort to when these things happen because it is all too often that fires break out in industrial areas.

The Environmental Protection Ministry was determined to prosecute those responsible for this vast pollution incident, however last week they decided that no legal action would be taken. The coordinator of the investigation claimed that the circumstances of the incident were complex and that there is no evidence that could lead to the formulation of a legal suit.

The Yarkon River is still in recovery and little by little the stream is getting its life back with all the fish that it has been stocked with.

Read this post about the Yarkon incident from 2008.

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