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How Can I Get Involved in Environmental Activism?

October 14, 2009

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How can I get involved in environmental activism?

There are lots of ways to get involved in environmental activism inside or outside of Israel:

  • Support environmentally friendly businesses
  • Join Zalul for one of the many events throughout the year including beach clean-ups, protests, and awareness raising events
  • Bring together your local community by organizing your own beach clean-ups with your friends and family
  • Report dumping and other illegal activity
  • Learn as much as you can about water conservation and pollution prevention because the more you know, the more you can help inform others
  • Visit Israel’s Ministry of Environment web page to learn more about other organizations working to protect the environment in Israel

Have more questions about the rivers, seas, and beaches in Israel?

Check out the full FAQ section on Zalul’s website by clicking on the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

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