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How Can I Help Prevent Water Pollution?

September 2, 2009


How can I help prevent water pollution?

Water pollution has many sources – industrial, commercial and even residential.

We can all help contribute to make our waterways cleaner and safer for all.

Here are some ways in which you can do your part:

  • Don’t litter into any rivers or seas (or in general for that matter)
  • Help clean our beaches by picking up any trash you see
  • Be aware of what you throw down the toilet and pour down the drain; many substances (such as paints, oils, cosmetic products, household hazardous wastes, etc.) may end up in the sea or migrate to your water source

  • Dispose of wastes in a trash can rather than a toilet
  • Try to steer clear of overusing herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. This will prevent further runoff of the substances into streams and rivers
  • Use detergents low in phosphate. High levels of phosphate in streams and rivers can kill fish and other wildlife
  • Conserve water! Do not leave the water running when brushing your teeth, washing your face, and doing the dishes

Have more questions about the rivers, seas, or beaches in Israel?

Check out the full FAQ section on Zalul’s website by clicking on the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

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