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Israel’s Water Crisis

August 4, 2009

כרמיאל 021

Israel is in serious trouble when it comes to renewable water resources. The current deficit in Israel’s renewable water resources is roughly 2 billion cubic meters, an amount that matches the consumption of the State annually.  The causes of the problems are natural as well as man made. The rise in demand for water for in home use is a result of population growth and a higher standard of living throughout the country. On the environmental side, Israel has had four years of drought consecutively and continual pollution of its rivers and ground water.

The lack of any meaningful action by the Israeli government towards the impending water shortage, has only increased the level of the current crisis. There needs to be swift and strong action in order to combat pollution of the rivers and the ground water if Israel wants to avoid a major crisis. The amount of money it would take the government to prevent this from happening is much less than it would be once there is a real shortage. The time to act is now!

Keep reading our blog for updates and information about how Israel is dealing with these challenges.  Or visit Zalul’s homepage: for more information about our campaigns for water in Israel.

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