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Israel’s Need for a Sound Hydrological Future

May 27, 2009
The Lachish River...drying up!

The Lachish River...drying up!

In an effort to manage Israel’s chronic water shortage, the Water Authority’s most recent campaign aims to expand the country’s overall water supply and lessen demand.  Through implementation of new desalination plants, improved wastewater treatments, recycling, and water conservation regulations, Israel’s Water Authority strategically intends on carrying out its vital objectives.

Haaertz reports a bleak reality for Israel’s water situation:

“Israel’s streams remain the country’s environmental orphans.  Despite decades of efforts, not a single river has made meaningful progress toward restoration.  The absence of minimal flow rates is one of the main reasons for the streams’ abominable conditions and decimation of aquatic habitats.  If we are ever going to do justice to Israel’s ecological systems and surface water resources, we will need more water. Much more water.”

To find out more about securing a sound hydrological future read the full article by Dr. Alon Tal, Founder of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Israel Union for Environmental Defense.

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