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Zalul launches new campaign to save the Jordan River

May 10, 2009


Zalul's campaign to save the Jordan River

Zalul's campaign to save the Jordan River at


The Pope is coming to Israel!


The Jordan River was once a crossroads of civilizations and continents, where John the Baptist first baptized Jesus Christ and the Israelites crossed into the Holy land.  Today, it is a river suffering greatly from pollution.   Every year thousands of pilgrims visit the river to bathe in its holy waters, water that has been contaminated for years.  Those who visit the southern Jordan at sites like Qasar el Yehud, risk their own health when entering the water.


In conjunction with the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to Israel on May 11, 2009,

Zalul launches it’s new campaign to save the Jordan River.


Zalul Environmental Association has written a letter to His Holiness the Pope, asking for his help in our goal to rescue the Jordan River and return it to its biblical beauty.  However, we cannot do it alone!  By signing our petition, you can do your part in saving the Jordan River and keeping it holy for generations to come.

Please visit our website to sign the letter and learn more about the Jordan River and our campaign!

Also, don’t forget to check out these online articles:

Pope urged to call for Jordan river clean up- Times of the Internet – North Olmsted,Ohio,USA 

River Jordan, the site of Jesus’ baptism, a ‘sewage pipe’-  The UK’s Sunday Times Online

Water less than holy at Israeli baptism site –  Kuwait Times –  Kuwait City, Kuwait

To view videos about the Jordan River Campaign please click on the links below:

The Jordan River – Then and Now – edited by Inbal Moran 

Save the Jordan River   – edited by Hannah Schafer

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