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Water conservation in Israel… How you can help

May 3, 2009
Conserving water in your home can help our land

Conserving water in your home can help our land

Haaretz reports that Israel’s Water Authority is making strides to conserve the nation’s water; however, they can not do it alone.  The Water Authority has launched a campaign to save water called “Israel is drying up.”  Water saving actions include raising the price of water and prohibiting people from watering private lawns.  This will result in the conservation of millions of cubic liters of water.  Unfortunately, the Water Authority lacks the man power to enforce new regulations.  Other water saving measures must be taken and they can even start in the home:

Does everyone know that flushing the toilet accounts for about one-third of all domestic water use? We can flush with a lighter touch to let out only a tiny amount of water.

…step into the shower and soon turn off the water, lather up, and turn on the water again and rinse off.

These changes would save more than drying out the lawns, and they can be instilled via an effective campaign.

…the solution for the crisis is conserving at home…

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