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Green Globe Awards 2009 and Tel Aviv’s “Earth Hour”

April 27, 2009

Every year Israel holds the “Green Globe” awards to honor those individuals and organizations who have made great contributions to our environment, and to discredit those who have harmed the environment by giving out the notorious “Black Globe” award.  Sponsored by Life and Environment, the umbrella organization of all environmental organizations in Israel, the award ceremony was held at Gat Cinema on Thursday, April 23rd, just before Israel’s “Earth Hour” from 8 – 9pm.

An enthusiastic message from Israel’s Minister of Environmental Protection, Gilad Erdan, about the actions he will take to improve the environment, was a highlight of the ceremony.   His eagerness to act upon these issues as well as his overall passion for his work, is a big shift from the former minister, Gideon Ezra.

We are proud to share that Zalul Environmental Association, along with other environmental organizations, won an award for helping pass Israel’s Clean Air Act!

To find out this year’s winners (and polluters!)  click here

Directly following the award ceremony, Tel Aviv’s environmentalists gathered in Rabin Square for an enjoyable “Earth hour” filled with great music and entertainment powered by cyclists and biodiesel fuel.   While the city’s lights were out from 8 – 9pm, Environmental organizations (Zalul included!) set up booths to promote awareness and education on important issues.

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