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A Little Action Can Go A Long Way

April 23, 2009
In honor of the Passover holiday, Zalul Environmental Association and Billabong Clothing Company led a special Passover beach clean-up operation in six different locations in Israel from Acco to Ashkelon.

Zalul's beach clean up from Acco to Ashkelon

Israel joins the rest of the world in promoting environmental awareness and celebrating this year’s International Earth Day; however, according to an article in today’s Haaretz these actions are simply not enough.  There are a variety of issues contributing to Israel’s environmental crisis.  While the Israeli Government recognizes the need for change, they have thus far been unsuccessful in implementing new policies.

A little bit more help and attention to Israel’s environmental situation could make a big difference:

…even modest additions to the budget could strengthen the ministry. Last week, the Zalul environmental association organized a tour of the beaches. Ran Amir, head of the ministry’s beaches department, told participants: ‘I want to share an amazing figure with you. Our assessment is that a mere NIS 3 million is needed a year in order to clean up all the country’s beaches, those that are officially recognized and those that are not.”

To see full article in Haaretz click here.

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