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JGooders: A new way to give to Zalul

January 22, 2009

Give to Zalul on JGooders

Zalul is very pleased to announce that we have joined the JGooders network!

JGooders mission is to, “To build a global, accessible, vibrant and transparent Jewish and Israeli arena that connects needs and generosity; social initiators with social enablers, and allows everyone to Do Good.”

Families learn new ways to protect the marine environment in Zalul's booth at Michmoret College during Sukkot.

Families learn new ways to protect the marine environment at Zalul's booth in Michmoret College during Sukkot.

Visit the website to learn more about some amazing projects being initiated, including Zalul’s environmental education project “Outreach & Educational Activities for Marine Ecosystem and Beach Protection”.

This project, which began in 2008, has already been successfully introduced to schoolchildren across Israel and we hope to continue it’s expansion in 2009.  If you’ve ever been to the beach in Israel, you know how great the need is to educate the public on respecting and caring for the beaches and the sea.

In Zalul’s view, the best way we can do this is by educating the next generation of beachgoers and teaching them to be responsible citizens and love the beach and the sea through fun and creative programming.   You can help by donating today on JGooders.

Thank you!

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