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Sewage pipeline breaks in Rishon Letzion

October 30, 2008
ראשון לציון 29.10.08 008

The main sewage pipeline from Rishon Letzion to the Dan Sewage Treatment Plan (Shafdan) breaks.

42,000 cubic meters per day of untreated sewage now flows into a wash on the outskirts of Rishon Letzion.  Zalul received the call yesterday morning, shortly after the break was discovered and Zalul’s Campaign Coordinator, Shahar Brinenberg, rushed to the scene to document the damage.

The reason for the break is as-of-yet undetermined.  The break occurred in the morning and work was already being done to build an alternative pipeline to redirect the sewage when Shahar arrived on the scene at around noon.  Until that pipeline is finished being built, the sewage will continue to flow.

ראשון לציון 29.10.08 020

Raw sewage from Rishon Letzion flows into a gully outside the city.

Stay tuned as Zalul continues tracking this event!

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