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Creating a Clean Sea: Celebs make a splash at Zalul’s art exhibition

May 19, 2008

Zalul staff with Noam Toor and Naama Kasar from Israel’s “Survivor”

We’re still recovering from a fantastic Zalul weekend!

On Friday, a private opening was held for the Zalul-Billabong art exhibition in Jaffa – featuring board shorts designed by some of Israel’s most famous celebrities. Some took the time to join us and show their support for a clean sea; including leading Israeli designers Tovale and Galit Levi, Actress Limor Goldstein, Chef Yaron Kestenbaum as well as Naama Kasar, Moshe Dan and Noam Toor from “Survivor” (currently the hottest TV show in Israel). Israel’s leading newspaper, Maariv, has a video interview with Tovale and Galit Levi on their designs – view it here. Everyone enjoyed the freshly-prepared sushi, drinks and fabulous music from DJ Lindzee in the beautiful Jaffa villa on the sea.

Zalul’s Mediterranean Campaign Coordinator, Shahar Brinenberg, with shorts created by Galit Levi (left) and Tovale (right)

It was families and tourists on Saturday, when the exhibition was open to the public, who were able to admire the artwork and experience the audio-visual display on the ground floor.

If you are interested in purchasing shorts from this event, please visit the Billabong site to place your bid.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this weekend. We hope you had as great a time as we did!

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