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Beach Clean-up in Acco

May 4, 2008

ניקוי חוף עכו מאי 2005 034

Last Thursday afternoon the Hillel Day School came all the way from Detroit to join us in Acco. Even though they had only arrived in Israel the previous day, they jumped right into their tikkun olam on the Agaman Beach.

As the day cooled off all 57 students began walking down the beach armed with their own trash bags and plenty of trash to fill each one. Everyone’s spirits were high as they saw that their help was truly needed to collect the trash other people had left behind.

ניקוי חוף עכו מאי 2005 051

Some brave students took on a shopping cart buried at the edge of the tide, to add to the pile of garbage for the municipality to pick up. A few fellow beachgoers even lent their help picking up the huge amount of rubbish just sitting in the sand. All in all over 70 bags of trash were collected!

All the students left the beach with stickers and ready to continue to see the rest of Israel. Have a great trip and thanks for all your hard work!

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