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Follow Up: Blue Watch event on April 11, 2008

April 14, 2008

This past Friday morning, Zalul staff and sea enthusiasts gathered at the Tel Aviv Marina for an informational meeting about The Blue Watch (הסיירת הכחולה) and ways they can get involved in protecting the Mediterranean.

Speaking at the event were Zalul’s Executive Director Yariv Abramovich, Blue Watch volunteer extraordinare Micki Gotschalk, and Tel Aviv Marina Manager Ofer Duvnov – all of whom stressed the important contribution of Blue Watch members make defending the Mediterranean Sea from pollution and illegal dumping.


Micki Gotschalk spoke passionately about the power of a camera for documenting pollution as well as scaring off potential polluters and urged Blue Watchers to take their cameras with them on every trip to the marina and out to sea.

As as an accomplished sailor, Micki told a story about a visit to Turkey and the types of fines imposed upon those who dare to pollute into the sea. Ofer Duvnov highlighted the power of individuals and called for everyone to remove at least one plastic bag from the sea each day.

It was inspiring to see event attendees stand up with their children and call for more action to be taken at the marina. We look forward to working with them all in future Blue Watch projects. Together we can protect our sea from pollution!

If you are interested in learning more about the Blue Watch, please contact Gital Gerbi at

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