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Environmental News from Israel – Winter storm edition.

January 30, 2008

The weather outside is stormy. Tel Aviv has been hit by heavy rain and high winds (yesterday we counted no less than seven abandoned, broken umbrellas as we made our way home from work) and Jerusalem has SNOW!

While we stay huddled inside, here is some environmental news to keep you occupied:

Haaretz – Cabinet to vote on emergency water conservation measures

    A major public relations campaign to encourage water conservation; restrictions on watering parks and gardens; and increasing waste-water recycling are all part of an emergency water savings plan to be presented today to the cabinet for approval by the Minister of National Infrastructures, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer.

    Haaretz – Local rainfall stats defy global warming fears

      Despite warnings that global warming is already impacting precipitation quantities, local rainfall statistics have remained essentially unchanged in the 60 years they have been tracked.

      Jerusalem Post – A lean, green fighting machine

        As environmentalism becomes the new religion of the masses, it is worth recalling that violations of modern ecological thinking are usually transgressions of Jewish law as well.

        Being ecologically aware is not just a modern fad so trendy that President Shimon Peres seems to be in the process of greening his agenda. While I support building bridges for peace, I remember Peres promoting an industrial park on the very banks of the Jordan River which would make sure that, environmentally speaking, neither neighbor had green grass to be jealous of. And the president recently got a chilly reception by Greenpeace activists who stripped to their underwear to protest his role in building Israel’s nuclear facility.

        And from our neighbors to the Northeast…

        New York Times – Iraqi Government Tackles Global Warming

          Agence France-Presse reported that the Iraqi government had decided to go ahead and approve the Kyoto Protocol, the global warming treaty: “The presidential council ratified in its session on January 23 a law according to which the Republic of Iraq will join the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol,” the statement said.

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