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Zalul launches a new campaign for the Lachish!

January 27, 2008
Zalul Environmental Association: Zilker is taking the public for a ride!

On January 24, 2008, Zalul Environmental Association announced a new round of campaigning for the Lachish River at a press conference in Ashdod. The campaign’s focus is on Mayor Zvi Zilker, who is also the chairman of the river’s rehabilitation committee.

During the campaign, a Zalul car will patrol the city of Ashdod to explain to residents the importants of saving the Lachish River and most importantly the reasons for a second campaign – specifically, the Mayor’s empty promises to save the Lachish River.

In the next stage, Zalul will begin public actions such as hearings, polling, and protesting in the streets of Ashdod.

Lachish River

Zalul announced that it sees all those that contribute to the pollution of the Lachish River – including the local authorities and factory owners, who discharge their sewage directly to the river – as directly and personally responsible for the pollution. As a result the campaign will also be directed against them personally.

Zvi Zilker, the Mayor of Ashdod, who also serves as chairman for the river rehabilitation committee, has a double obligation to the Lachish River.

Unfortunately however, he does not use enough enforcement to prevent the polluters from polluting the river in his jurisdiction and he does not do enough to stop the pollution coming from the drainage systems into the river. It is most unfortunate that he does not take his own promises seriously!

After the first wave of the campaign, Zvi Zilker promised that he would take all the steps necessary to stop the pollution flowing into the river. Recently it became clear the words and actions are two different things. The grace period that Zalul and the residents of Ashdod gave Zilker is now over. We are no longer willing to put the future of the Lachish River in the hands of Zilker and we are certain that his wrongdoings will soon be judged by a court of law. As always, Zalul is committed to the campaign until the end, when the Lachish River will once again be clean and pure.

View more photos from Zalul’s campaign for the Lachish River in our Flickr set.

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