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Environmental news from Israel – Hanukkah Edition

December 9, 2007

 Grist – The Power of Eight

After lighting your menorah each evening, dedicate yourself to making the changes in your life that will allow our limited sources of energy to last for as long as they’re needed, and with minimal impact on our climate.

Haaretz – Tax board hopes benefits for green cars will spark a revolution

The final conclusions of the committee reviewing the issue of environmental taxation, an interministerial committee headed by the tax authority, are due to be submitted within days. The committee’s intention is to spark a green revolution in transportation in Israel, through taxation. Cars that pollute less will enjoy purchase tax and license fee benefits, among other things, while less environmentally friendly cars will be taxed more heavily.

Israel21C – Israeli startup develops ambitious plant to rid the world of waste

The REN Waste system offers a complete alternative that eliminates the need for complimentary waste disposal treatments. Garbage and sewage are bought to the plant, shredded, run through magnetic sorters, separated, and tipped into a bio-chemical oxidation chamber for seven days for aerobic digestion. After fermentation, a pyrolysis plant breaks down waste rubber, plastics and unfermentable organic matter and by the end of the process the waste has been separated and segregated into component materials and concentrated to a high degree of purity.

Jerusalem Post – Water prices poised to rise in January

Part of the reason for the price hike is because the government has ordered the authority to reduce its 2008 budget by NIS 415 million and to make up for increased costs of water production. The whole water infrastructure has grown increasingly more expensive because of desalination and other infrastructure improvements.

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