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It’s raining, it’s pouring.

November 19, 2007


Today the first real rains came pouring down and lighting flashes bounced off the walls of our office. While there have been a few fall showers prior to today, it was clear that this was the beginning of Israel’s winter: Heavy rains, roaring thunder, and people running for cover from the spontaneous downpours.

While the change is seasons is a welcome addition to the exciting day-to-day lives we all live, less welcome is the amount of grime that is washed off the streets after months and months of build up.

By the end of the long, dry Israeli summer, high traffic roads are pitch black and the painted lane lines sometimes hard to see. Walk near any major bus stop (Tel Aviv’s Arlozorov and Central Bus Stations, for example) and it’s easy to see the impact buses, cars, taxis, and scooters have on the quality of Israel’s air and the state of her roads. Those first rains wash away the grime and help clear the air, but where does it all go?

To the rivers and to the sea.

Don’t get us wrong, we are so happy to see the rain fall. No one takes for granted rainfall in our parched country. But, take a visit the Mediterranean after a heavy rain shower and you’ll understand that making a change to automobile emissions is not just beneficial to your lungs and the atmosphere, but to the sea as well.

And please drive safe, those roads are slippery!

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