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The battle has been won! The fish cages leave Eilat in June 2008!

October 22, 2007

Haaretz-fish cages

October 21, 2007 will go down in Israel’s environmental history as the day the coral reefs in the Gulf of Eilat were given a chance to live.

After years of debate in the media, the courtroom, and the public sphere, the final word on the fish cages was given by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, who declared that they must be removed from the sea by June 2008 – no exceptions.

There will be no more opportunities for the polluters to appeal this decision. Nor will government officials be able to step in any longer to postpone the final removal. June 2008. Done and done.

And not to toot our horn too much, but if you open any of the Israeli newspapers and read about this issue you’ll see Zalul’s name listed as the key player in this battle. In fact, the timing of this decision has come at the exact same time as our Board Chairman Benjamin Kahn has been awarded by Time Magazine as a “Hero of the Environment”. The coral reefs were what brought our organization together. A shared love for the sea and the amazing marine environment that lives under the waves.

What we have learned in these eight years of battling the polluters of Israel’s seas and rivers is that thousands of others also share our love for water. Surfers, swimmers, and science enthusiasts, fathers and mothers and their children building castles in the sand – we all have a connection to water and to nature.  More than that, these thousands upon thousands of supporters recognize the importance of protecting and maintaining unique habitats and ecosystems like the coral reefs and are willing to go out of their way to do so.

Thank you to all of those who have supported Zalul in this fight.  Your contributions – whether monetary, voluntary, or in spirit from far away – mean a great deal to us all.

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