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Blog Action Day

October 16, 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Somehow we missed the memo about Blog Action Day yesterday. But we’d still like to honor it, if belatedly.

So, instead of talking about Zalul’s work, we’d like to mention a few of the other important environmental organizations and the fabulous work that they do here in the Holy Land:

Adam Teva V’Din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense) – Using legal advocacy, IUED pursues a vigorous agenda of strategically focused projects in four key areas: air pollution prevention, drinking water safety, solid waste management, and accessible open spaces.

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies – The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is the premier environmental teaching and research program in the Middle East, preparing future Arab and Jewish leaders to cooperatively solve the region’s environmental challenges.

Green Action – Green Action, a unique non-profit organization was created in 1994 with the aim of promoting socio-ecological change through direct non-violent action, community service, and youth empowerment.

Green Course – The only nation-wide student environmental organization in Israel which focuses on national and local campaigns, greening university campuses, and promoting environmental education.

Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel – Similar to the United States’ Sierra Club, SPNI is the largest independent membership organization in Israel, with over 100,000 members and works primarily in the fields of education and public involvement. Founded in 1953, it is also considered to be Israel’s first environmental group.

And now, a question for you: What environmental issue in Israel do you feel is the most important? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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