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Water pollution in Haifa

October 9, 2007

We’ve blogged about it before and we’ll blog about it again.  But today, we have some pictures to show you just how disgusting the water pollution in Haifa really is.  Staff members Ezer Fischler and Shahar Brinenberg toured some of the more foul smelling sites in the northern part of Israel today and documented their visit.Here are some highlights (check out our Flickr site for more photos):תלמה  013

Ammonia, phosphorous and unhealthy organic matter-filled wastewater being discharged to the sea.

תלמה 027

Another view of the toxic waste being released along the coastline.

תלמה 017

The waste is fed to the sea via this crafty pipeline. Unilever is the company discharging the waste and it has a legal permit to do so from the Sea Spillage Permit Committee (we’d like for that to stop, wouldn’t you?)

בזן קישון 006

Moving inland a bit, this foamy wastewater comes from the Bazan Oil Refinery and is filled with mineral oils, ammonia and phosphorous in the background which spills it straight into the Kishon River.

בזן קישון 007

The zoomed-out shot, in which you can see the lovely, scenic towers in the background.

Visit our Flickr site for more photos

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