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Explosion at Ramat Hovav

August 15, 2007

Big news this week in Israel… the explosion at the Ramat Hovav industrial complex in the Negev has everyone in an uproar. The explosion damaged a tank containing organophosphorus compounds used in the production of insecticides, releasing unknown quantities of the chemicals into the air. The chemicals are extremely hazardous and can cause serious nerve problems in respiratory damage. Seven factory workers were injured.

So far, the Ministry of the Environment has been lenient. Too lenient, we say, in dealing with the problems of Ramat Hovav. It’s time for our leadership to wake up. Strict guidelines must be created and met in order to ensure environmental safety and, most importantly, public health.

Haaretz – Ramat Hovav explosion

Haaretz – Environment Minister calls for probe into toxic Negev blast

Haaretz – It smells bad for a reason

YNet – Bedouins want to relocate after chemical blast

YNet – Beersheba was never at risk, says Environmental Protection Ministry

Jerusalem Post – Negev environmental hazard contained

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