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World Bank Public Hearing on Red Sea-Dead Sea Study

August 13, 2007

Yesterday Zalul attended the World Bank public hearing on the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance Feasibility Study (also known as the “conduit” and “canal”). The study, which is scheduled to begin this December, will last two years – at the end of which the World Bank will determine whether or not such a project is truly feasible.

The atmosphere was buzzing as Uri Shani, head of Israel’s Water Authority, introduced the two World Bank consultants, Dr. Steven Lintner and Dr. Alex McPhail. The introductory remarks were given by Dr. Lintner and then the speakers took their turns. All in all, over 20 people spoke (Including Knesset Member Dov Kheinin, Chairman of Life and the Environment Dr. Dani Rabinowitz, a former employee of the Ministry of Tourism, a representative from the Dead Sea Works and many others) and all of them demanded that alternative solutions be considered. Heavy emphasis was placed on reviving the Jordan River as an option.

Interested parties have until September 2nd, 2007 to submit their written statements about the feasibility study.

You can submit your statements by email to or by fax to 1-202-473-8249.

Visit the World Bank website to learn more about the study:

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