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Zalul and Billabong team up for the sea.

August 5, 2007


Billabong has designed a special “Zalul” (Clear) catalog promoting special beach items of which all the proceeds will be donated to Zalul for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

Update: Make a donation to Zalul and receive a beach pillow from Billabong. Visit the Zalul donation page for more details.

The Items include a folding bag beach mat, a beach blow-up pillow, or fashionable straw hat and a beer/cold drinks holder.


Billabong Israel and Billabong Board Shops would like to remind all the beach goers that the difference can begin with each and every one of us and that you can – “Be the change you want in the world”. Billabong wishes we could reach a state where we can all bath in clean beaches into which no industrial or municipal sewage is discharged.


Zalul partnered with Billabong after seeing their genuine concern for the environment. Co-operations like these are of utmost importance to Zalul as they help raise the issue of sea protection amongst the public and in particular bear1surfers and beachgoers whom are most effected by sea pollution. We want to incourage this public to act and make a difference. With the help of Billabong, Zalul will continue to fight for a clean and clear Mediterranean Sea and to reinforce the importance of environmental protection with the greater public.

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