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Cotton Clothing Company partners with Zalul.

August 1, 2007

Cotton, acting out of concern for the environment, has joined forces with Zalul by designing a special edition environmentally-themed shirt with the slogan, “Advice for the environment with love.”

The shirt label, which was printed on environmentally friendly material, includes five environmental tips from the Israeli leaders: Ricki Blich, Ramah Massinger, Efrat Raiten, Anhal Bonani, and Avihu Ben Nun.

Cotton’s goal is to raise awareness among the public by giving practical advice on simple ways to save the environment on a daily basis.

Zalul partnered with Cotton after seeing their genuine concern for the environment. Work like this is very important because it helps raise the issue of environmental protection in all streams of public thought. With the help of Cotton, Zalul is able to continue to fight for clear seas and rivers and to reinforce the importance of environmental protection with the greater public.

You can buy the shirt in the coming weeks at Cotton stores. Part of your purchase will be a donation to Zalul to continue the struggle for environmental protection in Israel.

Price of the shirt: 59 shekels

Cotton’s website:

Update: Now when you donate to Zalul you can receive a Cotton t-shirt. Visit the donation page for more details.

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